Amazon Taking New Step To Deter Porch Pirates

October 2, 2017

To help battle the issue, Amazon is rolling out a new program called AMZL Photo on Delivery. After dropping off a package, an Amazon delivery person snaps a photo showing the item on the recipient’s property. The customer then gets an email with the photo, confirming the delivery.

“There are a lot of technological advances that are happening,” Blanchard said. “There are companies that provide a service that allow you to see what’s happening on your porch and when.”

Even with confirmation photos and emails as well as home surveillance cameras, authorities recommend asking a trustworthy neighbor who will be home to pick up packages.

“If that delivery is coming in make sure you’re tracking that package,” Blanchard said.

Amazon customers can opt out of the Photo on Delivery program, but a company spokesperson tells CBS4 its been well-received so far. For more information, visit a special page of


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Rayeann Reeves

Why don’t you just put them in the correct size box, then most of them would go in the mailbox!

Amanda Yost Koutsourais

It’s for the Amazon Delivery people. Not us

Rayeann Reeves

They still need to put them in the correct size box. I read that.

Shani Kin

If Amazon put them in the correct sized box, then maybe they would come through the PO and go into the mailbox.

Amanda Rackley

Amazon is taking over. They’re gonna kill brick and mortar stores and ups and FedEx

Amanda Naef

USPS now has this contract. Fed ex and ups hardly get any of these packages now. It would be safe to put it in the mail box so there not obvious to a theif.

Sheila Waldrip

Amazon deliverers can’t put them in the mailbox. For USPS only. They are not saying the USPS will take photos at point of delivery. The whole thing sounds stupid to me that isn’t gonna prevent a package pirate from snatching it. Just gonna protect Amazon from being responsible for the lost package sounds like to me

Lisa Denton

Our scanners take a pic when you scan it. That’s why you scan at the porch. We already do this just don’t email the customer.

Christina Hernandez

Lisa Denton, where did you hear that? I’ve never known the scanners to snap a picture.

Lisa Lewis

Jennifer Wagner

Colleen Daves

Their (hire anyone with a car) people are doing the stealing …

Sheila Waldrip

Their people can take a picture and still walk away with the package. Js

Charity Spears McFadden

Just stop ordering amazon, problem solved ?

Kris Miracle


Amanda Naef

Yes! Lets keep our local stores open and keep those jobs available to people.

Amber Cottrell


Rebecca Jones

how does taking a picture at the door detour people from stealing? all it does is prove it was delivered and then amazon wont replace

Rayma Lynn LePoris

We have Amazon misdelivering packages, maybe that picture will show them who’s house it’s at.. ??

Jo Kappus

I’m assuming their own delivery people are stealing them?

Eric Cherry

How about Amazon takes some steps to get their drivers to actually deliver the packages to the customers porch instead of shoving them into the mailboxes

Summer Rhiannon

As a mail carrier, If the fit, the go in. Except on Sundays. Dont like how it’s done, they are hiring.

Oi veh.

Summer, you realize that Eric is talking about the Amazon delivery people and not us, right? 🙂

Becky Ryan

Just how am I to take this photo? With what device? And how am I to be paid for performing this additional duty?

Pam McDaniel Cox

You take it with that phone that your not suppose to have with you:))

Becky Ryan

Umm…? maybe when they pay my phone bill….☺

Amanda Naef

PM’s already take advantage of our phones by calling/texting us while we are out on the route. I don’t answer because they don’t pay my bill 🙂

Oi veh.

There’s a step 4 on this.

Becky Ryan

My phone is off while I’m on my route. Whatever they need, it can wait until I return?

Julie-Juju Thomas-Ebarb

Scanners have cameras they just haven’t activated them look at the back of the scanner that’s a camera lens also serves as a flashlight

Jen Fritta

As if the battery could withstand use as a flashlight in December….

Dave Gilman

Yup, the scanners already have cameras. That is how you can get the image of the signature off a signed 3849

Dave Gilman

And they put chargers in all the trucks in my district for the scanners

Becky Ryan

OK. But here’s another question…if they sign on the scanner, do you still have them sign the 3849? we dont do that here.

Oi veh.


Amazon’s own fleet of drivers are.

Nana Knew

I scan at the point of delivery…….That geo location can be tracked. But it will never stop a thief from taking it. I get pretty creative hiding them!

Robert Ingenito Jr

*eye roll*

Stacey Roozing

If you don’t want your stuff stolen put up a mailbox big enough to hold everything or leave your garage door unlocked, out of sight out of mind. Or if you would rather come pick it up at the post office yourself just leave me a note saying so. Communication with your carrier will save you from these problems.

Dave Gilman

I have a standing order to place my packages inside my front entry ( I can leave outer door unlocked and lock the inner door) most of the time they honor it. I also have a wooden crate on the porch they can put things in that hides them fairly well

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