Amazon could start dropping off packages inside your home

Do you want to give Amazon a key to your front door? A partnership with two smart home developers could open the way.

March 30, 2017

August and Garageio, two smart home companies that make connected locks and garage door openers, are working to make possible in-home deliveries of Amazon packages. According to a report in The Information, early tests have already been carried out in Seattle.

Here’s how the process would work: When you check out a purchase from Amazon store, you can opt for an in-home delivery — allowing the courier one-time access to your home via an August-locked door or Garageio-controlled garage. During delivery, the courier would use the access key via the appropriate app and leave your package safely inside.


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63 Comments on "Amazon could start dropping off packages inside your home"

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Barbara A. Albright

I wouldn’t do it– too much liability :((

Nancy Compton Peters

Debbie Hershey!!

Debbie Hershey

What’s next? I’m not doing it …. lazy people ..

Nancy Compton Peters

Debbie Hershey hahaha! Plug in the crockpot!

Debbie Hershey

Craziness … hahaha..

David Backer

Prolly have us install their flat screen on the wall.

Leland Grant

oh yeah a wonderful idea, delivery guy opens door to level 100 lb bpx pf dpg fppdiside , 5 guys run in with steal everything, abuse, kidnap or kill homeowners , and then the delivery guy

Lisa Denton

Making our jobs even more complicated.

Kirsten Walter

Is there really no end to what Amazon wants to do? Good Lord! We are slowly (or quickly) becoming a world of Wall-E in Hoover chairs where we don’t know how to socialize or communicate outside a screen and everything is done for us… sad

Jamie Flanagan

Next thing you know we will be opening the boxes and putting the stuff away for customers

Leland Grant

delivery on time demand, shopping, human servitude, trafficking, who knows if the corrupt congress could be paid, to do , s, we may be delivering children to pedophiles

Shani Kin

I won’t do it

Sue Johnson

Oh hell no!!! Why,so we can be robbed!!

Misty Dawn

Let the drones do it

Christopher Paradise

Amazon to offer rear end wiping for prime customers.

Christine Mather- Hinkle


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