12 Comments on "Amazon Should Acquire the US Postal Service—How It Could Work"

  1. What IDIOT wrote this drivel???

  2. This author is a special kind of stupid. I’m pretty sure thePostal Service is in the Constitution, Amazon Not.

    Trump solve the USPS riddle? I am having trouble writing this thru my tears if laughter. The further away the politicians are the better off USPS will be.

  3. Great for Bezos. Terrible for thousands upon thousands of people and their families that enjoy having decent wages and benefits. Whoever wrote this is insane, stupid, or evil and perhaps a touch of all three.

  4. Clayton Norris | June 13, 2019 at 8:24 pm | Reply

    It would NEVER happen. Congress would have to approve the sale of USPS. Congress is constipated and can’t pass anything. FedEx is a much better fit for Amazon since they are privately held and could be purchased by Amazon.

  5. It’s not all about corporations and how they can do better. The USPS was designed to serve the nation and be part of a worldwide network of countries with postal services serving their communities. So unless we are going to become the United States of Amazon we need to refocus our mission on serving the people and not accommodating the fiscal goals of corporations. Focus instead on the value of the USPS for our nation. This article would have been better saved in the drafts and never published.

  6. Lisahardycom | June 14, 2019 at 3:52 am | Reply

    Amazon is a terrible employer! I would stop working for uses if amazon took it over!

  7. Well its maybe one of those who hold shares for Amazon..he doesnot want to understand tha amazon its just the middle man like Ebay and the other ones ..they just have to pay attention to other big retailers cause they cannot survive without the USPS.

  8. Amazon delivering US Mail would likely result in:

    Letters being left in the common area parking lot adjoining the backyard of my condominium (Sometimes With a taunting picture delivered by SMS or email).

    Letters being tossed over the fence into my backyard (While or just before the automatic water sprinklers run).

    Customer’s receiving SMS messages and email stating that letters couldn’t be delivered because the recipient’s address (Displayed beside the door, and the same for 52 years) couldn’t be found.

    The first two occur more frequently than the proper delivery of packages by Amazon Logistics to the rear door of my home in accordance with the instructions provided in my account with Amazon.

  9. Where do these people come from? The USPS was designed to knit the country together and provide universal, affordable service to people, no matter where the live. It was not designed to “make money”. No government agency makes money. Why should the po be different. What kind of service would Amazon/USPS provide to rural America? Alaska?
    What bothers me, is that the writer takes himself seriously. Good help us. To many fools, “thinking big”

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