Amazon packages addressed to Georgia Tech found in wooded area of Coweta County

Coweat County, GA (CBS46) Imagine waiting for your package, getting a delivery notification but the package never shows up.

That’s the case for dozens of people after a box full of Amazon packages was recovered miles from its destination.

A woman was driving in her Coweta County neighborhood when she noticed a box of packages in the woods. When she looked to see who they were for, they all had addresses of the Georgia Tech Amazon store.

Cassie Holston tells CBS46 that she then called the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office after noticing each of the packages had been opened.

Some of them were empty and others still had low value things inside like shampoo and books.

The incident report states all of them were supposed to go to 86 5th Street in Atlanta, which is 30 miles away.

Holston says the responding deputy told her it’s possible someone took the box off the mail truck, opened the packages, took what they wanted and then tossed the boxes.


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