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Clayton Norris

Amazons’ managers don’t falsify their delivery scans the way USPS does. Come on Amazon get your door delivery up and running nationwide!! You can do it! You have the necessary capital to expand your services. No reason Amazon can’t be making last mile deliveries by Christmas 2019!

Gary smith

can deliver it cheaper than the PO that had to loose money on them.. Let it go.

C. Mcghee

UPS has been around since 1907. To build a company that can immerge, evolve and adapt to change is second to none!

Ray schwolow

Amazon will have trouble hiring drivers. They’re to picky. I have 25 years courier experience. 4 attempts to apply. No response.


Looking at the graph provided, it sure seems that Amazon is increasing its share of deliveries, but, so is the USPS! To the tune of 44% of all Amazon pkgs. Kind of puts the lie To the notion that Amazon is turning away from the USPS

Charles Robertson

The quicker Amazon dumps USPS for the final delivery the happier many of us will be! USPS seems to regularly falsify delivery scans, claiming a product was left in/by the mailbox when it was not. It usually shows up a day late, but meanwhile no one seems to be accountable and the Amazon Prime customer ends up paying for slower-than-promised delivery. I’m going to cancel my Prime membership if this doesn’t improve shortly.

Sandy Todd

Stupid people encouraging more minimum wage jobs with no benefits, the Amazon way. I ship for my business and have had zero problems with USPS. This government hatred is going to be the end of this country.

D Roy

I for one stopped buying from Amazon ,most merchandise can be shipped from manufacturers/merchants.