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“Rather than depending on the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx for its last-mile deliveries, experts say Amazon will continue to invest into its own network.”


Clayton Norris

Amazon can’t start its own delivery fast enough!

teresa clark

Notice Amazon just puts in the order without 4 years of debating and taking bids and sitting around while our llvs burn up every week. Makes you wonder, Amazon doesn’t pay any taxes and they use the usps to make money hand over fist while usps goes broke. Makes you go HmMMMMMMMMMM


Those drivers are going to kill someone one of these days! Ive watched them stop, back up in the middle of a very busy street, run stop signs and went up in someones yard the other day. Horrible


Good… they told us our parcels would barely increase 10-15 % and we’d only get an average of 10 more a day. Skip ahead 3 yrs…I have no less than 100 scans daily (used to be way under 50)… and I’m light on parcels compared to every other rural in our office. I was averaging 200 scans a day on a different route, lost over 35 lbs in 4 months just running parcels. It takes me 20 mins a day to load when it used to take 8 mins…do you think they evaluated the route and it went up the… Read more »


As long as Amazon employs idiots they can get as many trucks as they want, the people delivering have no clue!


Getting rid of Amazon Prime, they cannot do 2 day delivery competently since leaving the USPS


But yet they still only have a 50lbs weight limit, so the usps will still have all the heavy shit. If they do this then they need to deliver ALL of their own pkgs.

Rachel Wesson

Don’t forget about the airplanes.
Postal Service has never had a plane