Amazon confirms it’s launching a mini-FedEx to deliver packages to Prime members

Amazon is making some major changes to its business for the upcoming holiday season. One of the big moves includes offering free shipping to all customers regardless of the size of their order starting today for a limited time through the holidays. In addition, the retail giant has also confirmed it’s going to hire thousands of delivery drivers for full-time work during the holiday season as part of a new Amazon-managed delivery fleet.

This is a big change for a company that’s previously relied on third-party delivery services from the likes of the postal service to FedEx and UPS, in addition to contractors and courier companies. Stung by reports that drivers under some of those arrangements were being forced to adhere to extreme conditions and near-impossible delivery schedules, with so little downtime that some of were reportedly forced to urinate in bottles instead of stopping for bathroom breaks, Amazon has also decided it will manage the new drivers itself.


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It can’t come fast enough, in our office carriers are overworked, underpaid due to ‘Miss Management’, and going out on medical leave due to injuries and stress.

Clayton Norris

Amazon, you can’t move fast enough launching your delivery services! How about a Nationwide roll out by Thanksgiving?

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