Why Amazon Can’t Save the USPS

Back in 2013 and 2014, the partnership between the USPS and Amazon.com made headlines as a potential saving grace for the struggling postal service. Amazon’s Prime membership rates were exploding – the primary benefit being free two-day shipping – and somebody needed to deliver these packages dependably and efficiently. The USPS was a natural ally due to its daily neighborhood canvassing, and the postal service even announced it would begin some Sunday deliveries for the first time in history – likely to please its new convenience-focused friend.

Unfortunately, the partnership was not as mutually beneficial as once hoped. But that’s not for lack of trying.

In 2015, Amazon shipped nearly 500 million packages, and approximately 40% of them were delivered by the USPS – nearly double that of both UPS and FedEx. While dominating the e-commerce behemoth’s deliveries was certainly a much-needed boon for the USPS, the sharp increase in package deliveries came hand-in-hand with additional costs due to labor, supplies and technology.

Fast forward to August 2016, when the USPS released a sobering statistic: package revenues would have to increase 260% to make up for the losses in first-class profits. Package deliveries were more prevalent than ever, but their earnings still paled in comparison to that from first-class mail. But first-class revenue is on a landslide, of course. And delivering packages is significantly more expensive.

To accommodate market changes and what Postmaster General Megan Brennan clearly sees as a package-dominated future, the USPS has invested heavily in larger vehicles, sorting equipment and additional labor. This would make Amazon’s potential withdrawal even more devastating.

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Not even mentioning when they start their own delivery service and we lose that 40% of packages and then more when shippers start using them over us.

the article title should be ” why amazon ruined the usps”

The next Mail Count will be. About 2 weeks after Amazon Contract ends !

That why I don’t waste money on union dues. Our union sucks balls. We can’t strike. Thus giving us no real power. It’s a fucking joke.

We have the majority of their parcels versus ups and FedEx because the people making business decisions have no business making business decisions no pun intended. We undercut those guys way too much. It’s a joke what they pay for these huge f’n parcels. Just saying

Larger vehicles?? More employees?? I haven’t seen ’em

What larger vehicles has the Postoffice purchased? We can’t even get llv’s

Yet the USPS bought new Samsung 7 phones for postmasters in a level 18 or higher offices. A $600.00 phone!!! Hey…we got cool blue towels yesterday that we can wet and wear around our neck to keep us cool…$6.00 towel.

Pay me for my work ??

Bad managers are the problem. Always had…always will be