All four postal unions to participate in a National Day of Action on October 8

The U.S. Mail: Not for Sale!!

APWU: Privatizers – those who want to sell the public postal service to private corporations – are hard at work. Together we can stop them in their tracks.

Get ready to hit the streets with our sister postal unions, family, friends, and community allies to Save Our Service. Rallies will take place at many Congressional offices throughout the country. Check with your local and state leaders for more details and for the exact time and location in your area.

NRLCA: The NRLCA, along with the other three postal unions, have scheduled a rally against postal privatization for Monday, October 8, 2018. The rallies will be held in each congressional district throughout the country at specific locations, and NRLCA members are encouraged to participate. More information about the location of the rallies will be available shortly. Please continue to check the NRLCA website as additional details become available.


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The postal service is currently a total “charlie foxtrot” Maybe the unions need to start to make management answer to their mistakes – enforce the contract since management feels they do not have to adhere to the rules of agreement. Only then maybe the postal service can start to straighten out. Right now management is not being held accountable for their actions. It appears they screw up, they move up – only making matters worst.

I am a carrier and until that happens, let’s privatize the post office.


EXAMPLE: Our postmaster had a grievance filed against him for not doing his job as per the agreement between USPS and the union contract. The post master lost his appeal. He gets nothing put in his file because he “FAILED” to do his job. Instead we received extra pay for his failure to do his job. That is “pay-off” money / hush – money / shut your mouth money / bribe – money. I don’t want your money, I didn’t ask for that money. I sent it back to finance. That is total bullshit.I want something placed in his record.… Read more »

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