Could Ads on Packages Subsidize Shipping Costs?

April 19, 2017

Shipping boxes may be a good place to sell advertising, and the USPS and Amazon have already tried out the concept. In a recent article, RetailWire said beauty brand Revlon paid to have 10 million Amazon shipping boxes branded with its name as part of a campaign dubbed “the Love Project.”
The marketing experts with whom the publication spoke thought it was great idea, as long as it wasn’t done to the point where customers begin to tune out the ads.
The Revlon campaign is the second to utilize Amazon shipping boxes – in 2015, cartoon characters from the Despicable Me sequel “Minions” appeared on special bright yellow boxes sent by select Amazon fulfillment centers.
At the time, an Amazon spokesperson told us the branded boxes were sent for both and third-party FBA-seller orders (sellers who use Fulfillment By Amazon).
The concept goes back even further. In 2014, the USPS collaborated with Sony Pictures to bring Spider Man to Priority Mail boxes, trucks, and marketing messages to promote the movie, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”


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17 Comments on "Could Ads on Packages Subsidize Shipping Costs?"

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Christy Van Inwegen

Good idea and make sure it covers the delivery confirmation so it makes things harder

Carrie Padgett

and make sure the barcode is ALWAYS perpendicular to the crack so half of it gets swallowed up.

Aaron LaFollette

Carrie nailed it. How many of those packages do we have to push in on the label to get it to flatten out and scan every day. Solution? Place the label at 90 degrees to where it is now.

Michelle Hoch

Now C’mon … that just makes too
Much sense. That’s not the way things are done at the PO

Carrie Padgett

who are they advertising to, the CARRIERS? because if not, why not just put a salespaper IN the box

Christopher Paradise

I think a 20th barcode would work better.

Brandy Heston

They should make the barcode part of the add and make it artsy, like:

Kim Rushing Vanderford


Elizabeth Keith


Tabitha Gray

Don’t give them any ideas

Aaron LaFollette


Brandy Heston


Kim Rushing Vanderford


Colleen Daves

Surprised no one thought about it sooner..

Bill Freeman

First we need to get these counted on all our routes as now we are all overburdened now ,and the extra 3 hours a day that it takes us.

Bill Freeman

Boy that is a pet peeve of mine and shows no Quality control or communication between depts , just like I deliver a big a*s package that takes up room for 10 normal size boxes and there at the step ,is this tiny box that UPS delivered and I think to myself .so why didn’t UPS deliver this big box and I deliver the smaller box .

Roxy Murphy


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