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Clayton Norris

That will work great with gloves 🙄

david waraczynski

I’m actually for this because it’s not as bulky when carrying multiple boxes to the front door.

Jay Bowers

Will they burst into flames like the obsolete LLV’S???

tom worcester

Will they fit in existing docking stations?


Waste of usps money!

Replaceable Warm Body

The current scanners are durable but insufficient. When I see FedEx carriers scanning a hundred outgoing parcels with what appears to be superspeed, and my dozen or so outgoing parcels from the same pickup spot take obscenely long to scan in because our scanners take forever just to realize a barcode is in front of its face, it makes me envious. When I check my package look ahead feature and notice a missed scan from a previous stop, then I have to call my supervisor just to get basic information on the parcel. Oftentimes, it is in transit from another… Read more »

Robert J Lis

I’m sure glad I am retired…..


Wonder if their batteries will last z full day out on the cold or still have to carry a spare or go back to office for a fresh one. Genius r&d.

B Kelly

So I guess city carriers will get the new scanner & rural carriers get the old scanners that the city carriers we’re using….or will all carriers get new scanners?