A look at the new scanners to be deployed in 2020

  • The USPS awarded Zebra an IDIQ contract to provide 300,000 next-generation Mobile Delivery Devices.
  • Starting in the first half of 2020, USPS will use the Zebra TC77 touch computer to scan, track and trace packages across its delivery network and provide real-time information to its customers.
  • The mobile devices will help the USPS’ letter carriers as it expands its package delivery products and services.
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That will work great with gloves ????

The specifications for the new scanner (from the manufacturer) say it works with gloves and styluses and even when wet. It’s not the same type of touchscreen that’s in your phone, but rather a more accurate version of what the current scanners have.

I’m actually for this because it’s not as bulky when carrying multiple boxes to the front door.

Less than a pound. Awesome

Will they burst into flames like the obsolete LLV’S???

The old ones will after these are implemented

Will they fit in existing docking stations?

Of course they will NOT fit.

Waste of usps money!

The current scanners are durable but insufficient. When I see FedEx carriers scanning a hundred outgoing parcels with what appears to be superspeed, and my dozen or so outgoing parcels from the same pickup spot take obscenely long to scan in because our scanners take forever just to realize a barcode is in front of its face, it makes me envious. When I check my package look ahead feature and notice a missed scan from a previous stop, then I have to call my supervisor just to get basic information on the parcel. Oftentimes, it is in transit from another… Read more »

Yeah, I like the durability because I drop the scanner at least once a week. But, if the dang thing was smaller maybe I wouldn’t drop it at all!!! I never drop my cell phone. It fits in my pocket just fine, has all day battery life, is far more capable and faster.

“take forever just to realize a barcode is in front of its face” That made me laugh so hard! YES! Mine will finally realize a barcode IS in front of it and then zap me with it’s error buzz as if to say, “Nope! Wrong barcode!!!” when in fact, it’s the ONLY barcode on the blasted package. Then, within a second, it changes it’s mind and without me even doing anything it will ring the correct beep and register the tracking number. This never used to happen, so I’m not sure if my scanner is just getting old and cranky… Read more »

Totally agree, not to mention they look like dinosaurs compared to other companies… they remind me of the cell phones from the 80’s, lol. Also, in my case, the old one is too heavy for my small hands and having to try to hold and key in so many parcels have left me with injuries to the base of my thumbs. I’m looking forward to these new scanners!

Current Scanners have outlived their shelf life.

I’m sure glad I am retired…..

I hope they have a flashlight built in so you can deliver in the dark

Wonder if their batteries will last z full day out on the cold or still have to carry a spare or go back to office for a fresh one. Genius r&d.

These are awesome no need to ever worry about battery life.

So I guess city carriers will get the new scanner & rural carriers get the old scanners that the city carriers we’re using….or will all carriers get new scanners?

We’ll all get new scanners, as the Windows Mobile operating system the old scanners run on is probably unsupported by Microsoft. They’ll probably have a few old ones floating around for the clerks to use. If they can get the GPS working properly for the CCA’s on Sunday, that would be fantastic. I know a new hire that ended up working a 12 hour day yesterday, because he was new to the zip and the GPS on the scanner stopped working. He had to do the phone trick and it killed his productivity.

All carriers get new scanners
The clerks get our old scanners

Everyone is getting them. New tracking and mapping for route will be done with Scanners. Will even the bar on over evaluation on a route. Example is a route that has not been counted in years and is a 45k and carrier finishes in 4 hrs will finally get there due. Haha…can’t wait.