A Houston postal carrier said he was robbed at gunpoint while delivering mail. It was a lie.

Kyeon Lee wanted a different mail route.
His strategy? Lie and say he was robbed — a story that supervisors might swallow since it did happen to U.S. Postal Service carriers from time to time.
According to federal court documents, however, the 24-year-old Houston postman’s story didn’t stick.
On Tuesday, Lee pleaded guilty in a Houston courtroom to willfully and knowingly making a “false, fictitious and fraudulent” statement that his keys were taken during an armed robbery while he was delivering mail between Tidwell and Little York Road in north Houston. He admitted that his yarn about being robbed at gunpoint on March 17, 2021 was entirely false because, as a charging document put it, “he had not in fact been robbed or threatened in any way.”
U.S. District Judge Lynn N. Hughes set sentencing for Nov. 15. Lee is free on bond.

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