93-year-old mail carrier still on the job after 60 years

July 14, 2017

GUNNISON COUNTY, Colo. (WIVB) — A tiny town located high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains has been receiving its mail the same way, and from the same man for well over half a century.

93-year-old Emery Townsend has delivered mail to the people of Gunnison County twice a week for the last 60 years. That’s roughly 22,000 days on the job.

He covers 100 miles, serving about 30 customers on large ranches in western Colorado.

Townsend has seen everything from a mountain lion, to a bald eagle on his lunch break.



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William Colburn

Stu Estep oh well guess I will be here for a while ,don’t tell “The Warden “

Stu Estep

Omg I’m fwd ing to her

Stu Estep

Only 20 more to catch him n by time you have sixty you will only b 81 he’ll go for 70

William Colburn
William Colburn

The Warden says stop feeding the animal

Rhonda Jones Cochran

Leslie Gipson this will be me- gotta put these kids thru school!

Nub Sue Speer

Bless his heart!

David Backer

This will be me I am 51 got a 3 yr and 1 yr old

Rachal Tryon

And you’re a broncos fan 🙁 jk jk lol GO HAWKS

Tammy Wachter

I would hate to be the RCA’s in that office

Robin McKnight

that’s what i was thinking too.

Carol Rozek

Eitber that or they don’t have a RCA to take over for him

Lori Risku Koski

Carol Rozek that’ll be Lane?

Carol Rozek

You sre absolutely right Lori Risku Koski

Denise Greene

He must have a short route!

Janelle Lutgen

30 customers, 100 miles, piece of cake.

Michelle Holden

That’s just plain sad.

Michelle Holden

But 30 customers! Have never heard of such a thing!!

Brent Russell

It’s called mileage. A non L route going 100miles a day is gonna demand a lot of time. Plus if they’re big ranches that each probably get a stack of mail on a daily basis.

Debra Burris Hinson

And only 2 days a week? Did I read that correctly?

Michelle Holden

We have some high mileage routes but nothing with a house count that low! Not even close

Michelle Holden

Ya. And only two days a week? I coukd MAYBE handle that. Sign me up for that gig

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