25 indicted in drug bust involving mail carrier

May 18, 2017

Authorities have indicted 25 people on drug and conspiracy charges as part of a a seven-month long operation dubbed “Wait a Minute Mr. Postman.”

Police say a mail carrier helped the Grape Street Crips sell drugs through the postal service.

The indictments were announced during a press conference Thursday morning.

Police have arrested 14 of the 25 people who were indicted. Eleven remain at large

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April Brown Graham

Shame on this pos carrier.

Shani Kin
Shani Kin

Sorry, couldn’t help myself rofl

Toni Eckert

So sad. Such a respectable career, trusted by thousands of customers and they ruin the sanctity of our service. No mercy.

Nancy Uhde

Wow. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Charlina Cricket Phillips-Johnson

Where was this?


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