2 Daly City USPS employees allege sexual harassment

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Two Bay Area letter carriers allege they were sexually harassed at work.

Since 2003 Phyu Castillo has reported to the Daly City Post Office to do her job as a letter carrier.

“Rain or shine,” said Castillo.

For much of that time Castillo says she was verbally and physically sexually harassed by her co-worker Ron Caluag. Caluag later became a supervisor.

Castillo says the worst incident happened in September of 2017.

“He tried to grab me and he tried to kiss me and I tried to push him,” said Castillo.

“I wanted to tell somebody but I’m scared to,” she continued.

Until Castillo says she learned she wasn’t alone.

“He told me he love me, he like me, he want to go out with me,” said May Thin Zar.

Zar says Caluag also tried to force himself on her at work.


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