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Think Amazon’s Drone Delivery Idea Is a Gimmick? Think Again

Amazon is the most obscure large company in the tech industry. It isn’t just secretive, the way Apple is, but in a deeper sense, Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce and cloud-storage giant is opaque. Amazon rarely explains either its near-term tactical aims or its long-term strategic vision. It values surprise.

Amazon is planning midnight deliveries for a ‘secret product’

The special delivery window is in contrast to the usual Flex driver hours, which end at 12:30AM typically. Some speculate that Amazon is going to launch a new Kindle tablet, while others are hoping for a special midnight game release — which isn’t unprecedented as far as special midnight Amazon deliveries go.

Amazon gets patent for Pony Express-like drone delivery

SAN FRANCISCO — A newly-granted patent gives a peek into Amazon’s vision of how drones with its Prime Air service could deliver packages across large areas. Its design sounds a lot like the 19th century Pony Express — except, of course, its airborne.