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Arbitration results in concessionary contract for US postal workers

National arbitrators recently imposed a contract on members of one of the larger unions in the United States Postal Service (USPS), providing minimal wage increase and imposing further inroads into health care benefits while maintaining a sizable “non-career” section of workers at much inferior wages and with few rights.

President Obama Honors Postal Heritage Day

President Obama in honoring Postal Heritage Day, July 26, writing a tribute to the Postal Service and the workers who carry out its mission. July 26 has been designated Postal Heritage Day because it is the day in 1775 when the Second Continental Congress established the U.S. Post Office and named Benjamin Franklin the nation’s first Postmaster General.

OIG Approved Shipper Report

This audit was requested by the APWU due to the union’s concerns over the Staples Approved Shipper program relating to security of the mail and protection of postal revenues.

Democratic Party Platform: Preserve a Public Postal Service

07/05/2016 – The Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee has endorsed the public Postal Service and approved measures that were advocated by the APWU. In a draft of the party’s platform, released on July 1, the committee recommended nearly all the postal planks outlined by President Mark Dimondstein in a presentation to the committee on June […]