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Notice to prospective candidates in the 2018 NALC election

NALC has changed email vendors for the 2018 election. Blue Bulldog Digital, a labor focused digital communication firm, has been retained to handle requests by candidates for national office in the 2018 NALC election to distribute campaign literature by e-mail.  NALC’s previously announced contractor, Kelly Press, will no longer be involved.

NALC: Update on Trump executive orders attacking federal employees

NALC posted the executive orders and requested a legal analysis from its outside attorneys. That analysis has concluded that the three executive orders do not apply to the Postal Service or its unions, a conclusion that was confirmed in writing by officials of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

NALC priority resolutions reach majority support

As of June 5, all NALC priority resolutions now have a bipartisan majority of Congress supporting them. With that milestone met, it is highly unlikely that some in Congress might try to use the legislative process to cut them.

NALC submits postal workforce recommendations to White House

In a meeting with the White House today, NALC President Fred Rolando delivered policy recommendations to the White House Task Force on the Postal Service. The Task Force, comprised of the heads of OPM, OMB and the Department of the Treasury, was established in April via executive order from President Trump.

NALC on OPM proposed retirement changes

On May 4, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director Jeff Pon sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan making four legislative recommendations that, if enacted, would require current and future federal employees to make larger pension contributions, and also would scale back retirement benefits for current retirees

NALC: “It’s the pre-funding, stupid!”

The famous mantra of Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign was: “It’s the economy, stupid!” It was adopted to force everybody involved to stay focused on the most important issue facing the country.  We need that same kind of focus right now when it comes to the debate over the future of the Postal Service: It’s the pre-funding, stupid.

NALC: Former TE step advancement

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Step Credit for Former Transitional Employees included in the 2016 National Agreement, any CCA who was employed as Transitional Employee (TE) after September 29, 2007 and has been, or will be, converted to a career position may be eligible for a one-time advancement to a higher step on the career pay scale. 

NALC: 2018 NALC Guide to Route Inspections

The 2018 NALC Guide to Route Inspections has been printed and is being shipped to each NALC Branch and the 15 National Business Agents’ offices. The guide is an updated version of the 2012 guide.

NALC: Promotion pay grievance update

A national class-action grievance (Q16N-4Q-C 17638188) was originally scheduled to be heard January 30, 2018.  Unfortunately, this hearing was unexpectedly canceled by the arbitrator.  NALC has received proposed dates for rescheduling and we expect to have a firm date shortly.

NALC: MDD Load Truck feature

If a letter carrier is instructed to load or deliver their parcels in a manner inconsistent with the procedures outlined in Handbook M-41, he or she should follow those instructions but inform a local union representative for further investigation.

NALC: Recent presidential tweet storm

In January, NALC reported on the first of the president’s tweets directed at the Postal Service and Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos who is also the owner of The Washington Post. The president, who objects to his coverage by the newspaper, targeted Bezos by attacking Amazon for allegedly exploiting the Postal Service. He charged that the Postal Service loses money by setting prices on Amazon’s deliveries too low.