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Going the Last Mile

In February, the Nation outlined the increasing toll the Amazon deal is taking on USPS’s sorters and carriers due to understaffing and aging delivery infrastructure designed primarily to handle paper mail. Since the 2013 Negotiated Service Agreement — which at the time was trumpeted as Amazon “saving” the Postal Service from insolvency — USPS has been forced to take on higher and higher volumes of packages without adequate funding to retool its operations for the changing nature of its work.

The biggest problem with the USPS is Congress

President Trump doesn’t need a new commission to figure out how to fix the US Postal Service, as he has called for. He could just read what prior analysts have found. Or better yet, ask the Postal Service itself.

Not All Neglect Is Benign

Pity the poor U.S. Postal Service. Not only does it get no respect, it doesn’t even get leaders who might try to fix some of its many ills.

What The Post Office Really Gets From Amazon

Amazon already handles the logistics and fulfilment further up the delivery funnel so that 75% of what goes through the USPS from Amazon is all “last mile.” Raising prices might also prompt a shift to alternative private providers, such as Fedex and UPS.

Life of a mail carrier; how Amazon has changed the job

FARGO — People are now using Amazon to order things like big bags of dog food, cases of water and even bed frames. While the Postal Service is seeing an increase in business, its carriers are not delivering justs letters anymore.