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NAPS: Seismic Changes in Congress Provide New Opportunities

November’s electoral outcome delivers NAPS a crucial opening to school new members of Congress—approximately 100 freshmen House and Senate members—about NAPS and the important role its members play to safeguard a high-quality and accessible mail system.

NAPS Newsbreak: USPS Delays EAS Field Pay Decision

The Postal Service has advised NAPS that it is putting on hold until further notice it’s July 20, 2018, modified EAS pay decision concerning changes to pay policies, schedules and fringe benefit programs for all Field EAS employees

NAPS rejects USPS pay proposal- Seeks Fact Finding on USPS Pay Decision

In NAPS’s view, the decision will not provide for sufficient catch-up increases for the earlier years and will not result in pay increases in 2019 for the majority of approximately 45,000 Postal Service supervisors, managers, postmasters, technical specialists, and others covered by the Executive and Administrative Schedule.