Shrewsbury, MA LLV Fire

Last Tuesday, December 12th, the Shrewsbury Fire Department attended an emergency regarding a Grumman mail truck by USPS that caught fire in the Wachusett Avenue area. The driver wasn’t injured and no further incidents were reported, as he was able to get out of the vehicle in time. It was reported that all the postages in the truck were destroyed by the fire, as some of the effected neighbors received a notification by USPS.

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Sherrie Mitchell

#…? Lost count… ?


Somewhere around 95, I think.

Janelle Lutgen

I think that’s 3 last week alone.

Candie Lorenz

I believe that it’s the wiring of the LLV’s. Possibly rats climbing up in the engine and chewing wires.

Lisa Lewis

Might carry fire extinguiher

Patty Lasley

Another one bites the dust.

John Randell

That’s about 10 miles from me , that office made the national news complaining about a bad postmaster.

Patti Cawood

How many is that this year?

Ian Watosky

Celeste Penney see this?

Celeste Penney

Yikes. Hope my packages weren’t in there… ahh I mean. Hope the drivers ok ?

Brian Corbin

99 or 100 for year

Tracy Coffey

Windshields leaking rain into fuse box

Dianne Daley

Huge issue! Mine was replaced this year but still leaks.

John Randell

We have metal boxes over the fuse box.

Tracy Coffey

So the PO must know that this is the problem John Randell

Michele Warg

Wow! What a shame! NOT!!!!! Hope the driver was ok!!