USPS vehicle catches fire in Menlo Park destroying mail

A United States Postal Service vehicle caught fire in Menlo Park Friday.

Firefighters responded at 12:09 p.m. to a report of a vehicle fire in front of 251 Oakhurst Place and located a mail carrier vehicle on fire.

The postal agent was able to escape the vehicle and was not injured in the incident, firefighters said.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire in about 15 minutes.

The mail inside the vehicle was transferred to another carrier.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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Dawn Harris

Samantha…almost to 100 for the year…smdh

Samantha De La Cruz

This is ridiculous!

Megan Kessler

Yeah , if we could get those new trucks now that’d be great…

Charles L Walker

I’m sure they will wait until they all catch fire and they will have no choice but to replace them

Megan Kessler

Yeah I know it’s sad.

Greg Wood

I wonder how many of these trucks have the scanner chargers in them.

Sam Williams

Doesn’t matter if they do or don’t. It’s ALWAYS the carriers fault.

William Mcintyre

How many is that this year so far?

Veronica Lahar-Mann

That’s got to be 90 so far .

Sherrie Mitchell


Tori Hook


Jackie Albertson

Sure hope the carrier was ok

Tanya Wesley Peters

Old mail vehicles should have been gone a long time ago. Nothing but an oven for the workers driving them.

Sandy Younger

Rural routes will not get new vehicles, never have never will. Get to know the CRV and feel lucky rural routes get vehicles. They can take that away from us at any time.

Nancy Uhde

Who cares?! I drove an LLV for 8 years — now back to a route where I can use my own vehicle (that gets maintained!) and get paid mileage.

I don’t miss having to fight for repairs…and no I did not feel lucky to have one. Although I might like a CRV. Which office provides those?

Sandy Younger

I’ve been a rural carrier for 23 years and remember using my own vehicle. Not getting enough for mileage, repairs, wear and tear, not being able to fit everything in the vehicle for 650 customers. To each thier own