USPS Documents show 88 postal vehicle fires in 2017

USPS documents show 88 postal vehicle fires this year, but do not break down by type.  It also seems to blame at least some of the fires on unapproved modifications in the vehicles.

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Ian Watosky

Stephanie Warrick-Shattuck holy cow.

How many now? 33? Ridiculous. Be careful when you do Amazon.

Ian Watosky

88 postal vehicles. Idk how many llv’s. I try and use the minivans doing amazon regardless. All around better.

Melinda Hecht

That’s 88 times too many. So scary!

Kathy Hovatter

So they are blaming carriers for using scanner holders as cup holders? ?

Nancy Uhde

MDD “chargers”? What?!

Nancy Uhde

As usual blame the carrier at all times.

Jill Lindgren

What carriers?

Larry N Smith

In our area they blame rubber bands hung on the blinker handle!

Mark Taylor

Nancy Uhde some carriers have chargers for the MDD (our scanners), which would have electrical connections in them, which could be short-circuited by spilling a drink in them.

Tim Benson

Mark Taylor

Mary Taylor Fuqua

Debbie, Mary, Jennifer, and Aaron

Janelle Lutgen

Carriers can pay right after management reimburses for their mistakes.

Tiffany Takas

What are these cup holders they r talking about?

Jill Lindgren


Tiffany Takas

Jill Lindgren mdd charger cup holders

Betsy Diaz

Haha! That’s recycling!


They are chargers for our scanners. They aren’t to be used as cup holders since they have electricity running through them to charge the scanners but apparently some carriers are using them for cup holders.

Todd Hoffarth

Blaming the carrier for the splitter on the cigarette lighter is completely ridiculous. The absolute worst case scenario for that is blowing the fuse to the cigarette lighter. Jesus.

Jennifer Spell


Jennifer Spell

Our lives are worth nothing to them

Lorraine Bragg

It’s always the carriers fault…

Lorraine Bragg

No matter what! Smh

Nancy Uhde

Hazard light switch was getting very hot. Told postmaster about 18 times before he finally grudgingly fixed it after about 2 months saying “I don’t see anything wrong, but I’ll fix it anyway” Well gee thanks.

Karen Hey-Zeller

Nancy Uhde write it up . Pm not the one fixing it Usps is .

Carol Lynn Schofield

88 ??
Death Traps !!

Larry N Smith

Its those carriers “burning” those routes! Supersonic!

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