32 Comments on "User Reported – Postal Truck Fire – Miramar, FL – October 7th"

  1. How does this keep happening….They are so well maintained and built

  2. Stephanie Warrick-Shattuck ????

  3. I’m gonna start carrying a bag of marshmallow in my LLV

  4. Can’t pinpoint it on the weather because they are happening all over the country!

  5. They said the one at our office was a mouse nest that caused the fire ! Lol!

  6. Its the rubber bands on the blinker handle!!!!

  7. How many is that this year?

  8. I hope all scans were reported properly and they made the last truck with their outgoing mail.

  9. that will buff right out…good as new

  10. Jessica Wiley I used to live here

  11. God help them if the mail burn up too.

  12. Yeah… I’m gonna have to say this is getting a little suspicious. Does it look like the fires started in the same part of the llv?

  13. yes but was it in park and did he pocket the keys and don’t forget the dag gone parking brake!!!!

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