Postal Truck fire – Clearwater FL

This one was in September but was just sent to me..   According to the comments on Facebook, the carrier was inside the building delivering mail and came out to the truck on  fire.

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Joe Nalley

got another one waiting to set on it

Tish Wells

How many are we up to now?

Michael Nuzum

Just read a memo about this and ………. was said we’ve had 88 this FY so far ??

Tim Benson

Can you send me this memo?

Me too if you can Michael

Frank Headley

Post it for us please!

Michael Nuzum

Come on Frank, U can’t even spell LLV

Michael Nuzum

Will check on that. Shouldn’t be a problem

Donna Johnson

Tim Benson

Rayma Lynn LePoris

I wished they’d hurry with the new ones!

Dawn Harris

Yep…it’s getting pretty scary with all the fires!!

Natasha Patterson

That’s in Clearwater I’m pretty sure. The post office on Cleveland. Everyone calls it “Cleveland”.

Thank you Natasha Patterson

Richard Jones

I love the UPS dropbox in the foreground ???