Ohio – Postal Truck fire – October 19th, 2017

Ohio - Another day at the post office!!! This was a brand new rca's truck yesterday. She risked her life along with some customers lives to get the mail out of the truck.


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  1. Where in Ohio was this one?

  2. Do not risk your life over some junk that can be replaced

  3. During driver training they should have you actually practice a fire drill and it should be this

    Get out and do not return to the truck

  4. If my truck caught fire I’m not going back in to save the mail

  5. Sara McCoy Lane Tammie Harris-Conner Stephanie Light Mary Nadine Redditt Chester

  6. didn’t curb wheels, probably will be written up.

  7. Found her a replacement vehicle.

  8. Should be a contest..whoever llv catches fire gets 3 days off with oay

  9. I guess this means the mail will be late again! lol

  10. The truck started smoking from the vents when the carrier got the mail out as a quick reaction.

  11. They better get those new ones on the road asap!! We are running out of llvs ?

  12. What are these things made of, paper?

  13. These things are dangerous and worn out. How many have caught fire in last few months? Lost count.

  14. That is my coworkers truck… she has only been a rca for 2 months. She risked her life to save the mail out of the truck.

  15. Maybe it was a package that blew up, started burning!!! They will check it out!!!

  16. I just have one question. Does anyone know if it was raining when this happened? Just curious one of the pictures looks like the driveway is wet. I don’t know if it’s possible but mine leaks around the door and windshield. This last rain had water in my round flasher bulbs and the rain comes right down where fuse box is and the wiring. Could this be the culprit?

  17. I believe this makes 30 this year the most ever when will they figure it out and give us decent trucks the ones they’ve been looking at are not long enough to tall and who the heck ever thought that they would be considering electric vehicles with the idea that the truck can go to the next Box while we’re getting our mail together somebody upstairs is not at the right steering wheel

  18. That’s an old truck circa 1987-1994. It seems like an oil fire (common problem) terrible what others are saying, no joking matter!

  19. ben franklin | October 23, 2017 at 8:53 pm |

    Comin’ in hot!

  20. Heater works!

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