Ohio – Postal Truck fire – October 19th, 2017

Ohio - Another day at the post office!!! This was a brand new rca's truck yesterday. She risked her life along with some customers lives to get the mail out of the truck.


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Barbara D. Perkins

Where in Ohio was this one?

6 reported LLV fires in Ohio within 7 months…how “sad” !

Tiffany Takas

Vienna, Ohio

Karen Hey-Zeller

Wow .

Doug Barker

Do not risk your life over some junk that can be replaced

Doug Barker

During driver training they should have you actually practice a fire drill and it should be this

Get out and do not return to the truck

Linda Gordon

If my truck caught fire I’m not going back in to save the mail

Nathan Chester

Sara McCoy Lane Tammie Harris-Conner Stephanie Light Mary Nadine Redditt Chester

Randy Napier

didn’t curb wheels, probably will be written up.

Gaby Singletary

I know right

Gary Scherer

Found her a replacement vehicle.

Denise Sweeten


Cathy Creech

That shouldn’t catch on fire.

Joe Nalley

Should be a contest..whoever llv catches fire gets 3 days off with oay

Joe Holland

I guess this means the mail will be late again! lol

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