LLV Fire Boaz AL – September 29th, 2017

Boaz postal worker Jill Howington’s mail truck caught on fire today; she was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation suffered while trying to save the mail from the burning truck. The postal service takes a lot of hits, but this on deserves some applause.

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Anthony Young

How does this keep happening….They are well built and maintained

Gaby Singletary

I’m just happy I have breaks

Anthony Young

Trying to save the mail…screw that let my bills burn

Doug Barker

We had a safety break fee that says we should not try to save the mail

Sonya Snyder

No ones life is worth the mail.

Doug Barker

Safety briefing

Matthew Gregory Birmingham

Tim Benson

Not from same fire but you should never get close once you get out.

This is about 25 miles from me and I can guarantee we won’t hear a peep about it!

It’s in the same county as me, yet this is the first I have heard. Hope she is ok.

Sheree Leffel Knopf

Does anyone know what happens after that? Are you forced to get back out there and deliver burnt mail or what?

I have tried to find the original article on 33/40 but can’t find anything.

I’m real sure if the fumes from a burning/burnt vehicle are toxic….

Nancy Uhde

Why are they giving applause to this foolish carrier? It’s mail people, replaceable. Honestly, not worth being considered a hero over.

Denise Sweeten

Makes you wonder if yours is next ?