Postal truck catches fire in Ridgeland, MS

A United States postal truck caught fire in Ridgeland around lunchtime Monday.

The vehicle was parked at a red light at the intersection of Pear Orchard and Lake Harbour.

The driver was able to get out of the car without any injuries.

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David Riegel

I think it can be salvaged and fixed

Carol Lynn Schofield

It probably will be

Josh Rigefsky

Just needs a fresh coat of paint

Amy Reese


Kristy Thompson

Too much gish… Jerk reaction to see what item #21 is… #facepalm

Amy Reese

No, I think this is the 21st one to go up in flames this year

Kristy Thompson

Damn! Stay safe!

Josh Rigefsky

That is 21 that was covered by media/ social media. Whoes to say how many in little podink towns that didn’t get any coverage

Carol Lynn Schofield

Death traps !!!

Ewell Flippo

James Whitt

Rick Cooper


Carol Cummings

Glad the carrier is ok, but damn it when is someone going to do something????

Audrey Harper-Lowe

Fina Azbill

Theresa Fenelon

Need DJ Khalid up in here..Another one.

Angela King

Another one….

Kathy Phillips

bites the dust. Same old song.

Robert N Meyers

Daily Event!
Remember. Safety First!
Let that Mail burn! They care more about the Mail than the employee.

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