57 Comments on "LLV Fire – North Carolina"

  1. Another one???
    Death traps!!!!!!!

  2. Jamie Martyna Boyd is this the one

  3. So, another one bites the dust!

  4. This is how it showed up in my news feed. LLV for sale, LLV on fire

  5. What does this make….17…?….18?

  6. Da’Lyna Pelaez N.Carolina ?

  7. What is going on up In N.C. must be something in the Air today

  8. Wait, is that a ffv/crv?

  9. Anyone know what where at in NC?

  10. Another one bites the dust.

  11. Hope the carrier is ok. How many is that now?

  12. Happening way too much . If this was a Honda or Ford etc. there would be recalls or something done…

  13. Another bites the dust .

  14. Sure has been a lot of LLV fires lately!!!!
    Think the USPS sees a problem yet? Hmmmmm?

  15. Another one!!! We just had one in New Hampshire go up a few weeks ago! 🙁

  16. That looks like a FFV because it has a window in the side. They are newer.

  17. Tom this is the new ffv’s I was talking about;(

  18. Samantha De La Cruz

  19. Why won’t they put fire extinguishers in them?

  20. manufacturer defect?

  21. they better provide the fire extinguishers

  22. Hey…at least the back of it mostly survived. ?

  23. it’s just a damn good thing they expect us to get out and look when backing…ooh and text them that we are, because THAT will keep us safe. Of course I suppose it probably is safer outside of the vehicles than actually in them.

  24. Ups and FedEx have them and actually have a small one in my car and look at expiration dates , they gave me a dog spray out of a new box and then I saw the date and it expired 4 years ago , so I sprayed it and way this orange stream that shot about a foot .
    Just be careful.

  25. Wow. What is it going to take to make sure all these LLV are safe to driver I think about this every time I am driving just looked at again this is a new truck. Well glad I am retiring in a few months

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