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Lisa Ann Cogan

Those burn so quickly, glad the RCA is okay. ?

Matt Robbins

Pete these LLV fires are getting too close to home. Gonna have to do a SUT on how to not catch fire. Personally I carry a fire extinguisher now behind the seat.

Waymond Morgan

need a new fleet

Carrier alright?

Nana Knew

Says RCA was ok but shaken. So sad that this wasn’t even box to box when they really get hot.

That’s good RCA wasn’t hurt. There’s an LLV fire a couple times a week isn’t there?

It has been an excessively hot summer and we all know LLV’s aren’t properly maintained to handle the heat.

These trucks are at least 20 years old. By the way, they are called Long Life Vehicles. They keep patching them together.

Glad the RCA is ok!!

Ezequiel Hernandez

Wow. The eclipse is not till tomorrow.

Britt Gray

My life is flashing before my eyes with all these llvs catching fire

Christine Gonzales

That makes 22. Nice to know that the postal service is working hard to make sure that not only are we well informed, but they are also working hard to fix this problem.

Tammy West Wise

Where in NC was this?

Roxy Murphy


Amy Morgan

Anybody know where this was?

Roxy Murphy

Matthews, NC

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