36 Comments on "LLV Fire North Carolina – August 20th, 2017"

  1. Those burn so quickly, glad the RCA is okay. ?

  2. Pete these LLV fires are getting too close to home. Gonna have to do a SUT on how to not catch fire. Personally I carry a fire extinguisher now behind the seat.

  3. Wow. The eclipse is not till tomorrow.

  4. My life is flashing before my eyes with all these llvs catching fire

  5. That makes 22. Nice to know that the postal service is working hard to make sure that not only are we well informed, but they are also working hard to fix this problem.

  6. Where in NC was this?

  7. Anybody know where this was?

  8. when i’m on aux assistance off my route i have to climb uphill, on one road its 65mph, another is up a canyon. On 100+ days truck is getting too hot and dying. mechanic says it shouldn’t be used on those routes, that he can’t fix it (pm just laughs at that idea), but mechanic has given me the replacement part so i can swap a cool one out for the over heating part. pm can’t wrap her head around the fact that rural routes aren’t the same as city. they don’t have to climb hills over many miles, or stay on the freeway for any distance.

    • Mine dies too on very hot days. Must be something electronic. It starts running crappy and then dies, one time while driving down the road. Luckily, I was able to coast to a wide spot in the road. After I let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, it runs fine again.

  9. There goes yet another one. So sad

  10. I guess the LLVs don’t like working on Sunday either

  11. When are we not going to accept the piece of shit trucks we are driving and do something about it.

  12. Our PM says we have to keep our phones in the back of our vehicles. I guess we wait for someone else to call 911 when our LLV’s go up in flames.

  13. This was in Matthews,NC on the 485 inner but the carrier worked out of Waxhaw. The Waxhaw office uses POV’s for mail delivery so the carriers go pickup Sunday Amazon at another office which has a large enough fleet for vehicles to be borrowed. That way the post office isn’t paying mileage every Sunday for the parcel runs. Thankfully a Good Samaritan pulled over at the same time as the carrier to alert her that the LLV wasn’t just smoking. It was already burning when she got out.

  14. Jason Ottaviano | August 20, 2017 at 8:13 pm |

    Another one Bites the dust…

  15. Is there a pattern to what causes this? Oil dripping, something sparking?

  16. I would rather put up with changing brakes, broken transmissions, etc, then to deal with those pieces of shit LLV’s even one day.

  17. Look at it this way…If LLVs keep burning up, everyone will be back to POV’s lol

  18. Postal harps on safety, safety, safety. Why does this continue to happen? Evidently something is wrong with these piece of crap mail trucks!

  19. What is going ON!!!!! With these L L Vs!!!?????

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