2016 LLV Fires

These are stats for LLV fires so far in 2016.  If you know of one not on this list, please let me know!   Click here to email me!

2016 LLV Fires so far

I compiled stats for the years 2014 and 2015. I somehow lost all of the exact articles but I had the actual numbers saved. Below you will see the LLV fire stats for 2014 and 2015

LLV Fires in 2014
LLV Fires in 2015

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  1. My truck on the Phoenix news. I’m in Parker AZ.

  2. When will they pull these dangerous vehicles? It looks bad to send us out in them and it violates all kinds of safety codes. People won’t want to use Usps , because we fry their mail!! Where’s the responsibility to the employees and customers?

  3. You probably don’t have the actual numbers because they’re put out and towed, i.e. no report.

  4. Chad Howard Roberts, and this is what they’ll have me delivering out of on Sunday.

  5. EVERYDAY!!!!! But they CARE about the carriers SAFTEY?!? But Paris wants to CRY about freaking RUBBER BANDS on the floor of the vehicle??????? SMH!

  6. That is way too many get these things they call trucks off the road and keep the carriers safe!

  7. I think they are not all being reported because the Postal Service doesn’t want carriers to know they are death traps! If these were privately owned vehicles…the Federal government would be calling for them all to be pulled off the road.
    Regardless of what they say…the Postal Service does not care about us!

  8. Send to OSHA. If they try to put an llv on your route fight it. We need to have documentation on every single one to show OSHA and have then stop this reckless, callused attitude by upper management towards their own employees.

  9. If the was happening with a major car manufacturer the government would demand a recall.

  10. I just commented on a post I saw just before this wondering if there were any statistics on frequency.

  11. What is cause of these fires?

  12. Dianna Santiago | August 3, 2016 at 3:25 am |

    We have had 3 llvs burn here in yuma arizona in the last year or maybe it was 4 . lost count .

  13. Don’t see the one in Vernon, New Jersey?

  14. Too many to list. Goverment will not investigate.

  15. Preventable accidents. You’re fired.

  16. But the USPS “cares” about employees SAFETY???

  17. They should at least supply us with fire extinguishers

  18. Don’t see one listed for Okeechobee fl

  19. Hey everyone, please share for those that I have missed.. Thanks

  20. In our pov we had to have fire extinguisher

  21. I filed a complaint for the benefit of all Mail Carriers driving LLV’s. I don’t know if it will help, but NHTSA has the link posted about the fires this year in my complaint.

    If anyone else wants to file a complaint a vehicle number is not needed. Just type “Grumman” in the Make, Model, Year field and USPS Vehicle pops up.

    Maybe if a few of us fill out the form NHTSA will take notice and ask USPS to install fire extinguishers…

  22. I wonder why we do not get any Union or Association support with this fire issue?

    NALC and NRLCA, how about filling in a NHTSA complaint form on behalf of all your members!

  23. I’m surprised mine hasn’t caught on fire yet. Its a piece

  24. This stay must of been on January 1st

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