• At this point, there seems to be a general consensus among business interests, labor, and postal management about what needs to be done — fix the Retiree Health Benefit Fund pre-funding problem, Medicare integration, and a modest rate increase on market-dominant products.  Not that everyone agrees on everything, of course.

  • Shares of mailing and shipping company Stamps.com dropped 10.2 percent on Thursday as the White House aims at revamping the U.S. Postal Service.

  • What troubled Smaldone, creator of the tumble-proof Mighty Mug, and Cunningham, an aide to a GOP lawmaker from Texas, were the shockingly cheap postage rates that the Universal Postal Union has declared China can pay for merchandise, such as knockoff mugs, being shipped into the United States.

  • "The mere prospect of privatization will sow confusion, uncertainty and concern about maintaining mail and package delivery around the country, and stimulating still more volume and revenue loss when the major problem has been a drop off in mail," Sackler added. "We can expect sparsely populated rural areas to be particularly hard hit in a privatized system and see their primary tie to the rest of the country degraded."  

  • The Trump administration on Thursday called for the privatization of the U.S. Postal Service, an agency with 600,000 federal employees and whose creation was codified by the Constitution.

  • Chris Turner, a mail carrier who is also an Army veteran, sprang into action last month when he spotted smoke rising from an apartment building in Spencerport.

  • SAN FRANCISCO – Amazon’s newest clothing offering could help it break into fashion.  A service now available to all Prime members allows buyers to try on clothes before buying them – a way for online delivery to mimic the experience of shopping in a store.

  • The Trump administration announced Thursday its plan to reorganize the federal government, which includes a proposal to transfer nearly all of the Office of Personnel Management’s service responsibilities and to remove the agency’s independent status.

  • Statements from various sources on Trump's plan to privatize the Postal Service.

  • This proposal would restructure the United States Postal System to return it to a sustainable business model or prepare it for future conversion from a Government agency into a privately-held corporation. Like many European nations, the United States could privatize its postal operator while maintaining strong regulatory oversight to ensure fair competition and reasonable prices for customers. The President’s Task Force on the United States Postal System will make recommendations on reforms towards this goal in August 2018

  • A Minneapolis mail carrier was attacked by a dog Thursday while on a route, according to Kristy Anderson, a strategic communications specialist with the United States Postal Service.

  • As a congressional investigation revealed early this year, USPS is the drug dealers’ shipper of choice because, unlike private companies such as UPS or FedEx, the postal service is not required by law to use an advanced electronic data-tracking system, called Advanced Electronic Data or AED, that helps authorities discover and intercept parcels carrying illicit drugs.

  • The Postal Inspection Service is looking for your help in finding out who broke into a mail truck Monday. Officials say the truck was locked at the time, parked in the 3500 block of Urbandale Avenue.

  • This report responds to a request from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to review measures the U.S. Postal Service has implemented regarding opioid safety preparedness.

  • During the Revolutionary War everything from battle plans to requests for supplies were completed through letters of correspondence. This may beg the question, how were postal functions carried out when the modern day Army post office was not established until 1918? Benjamin Franklin, the first Postmaster General, helped organize the mail system in the Colonies. But mail was expensive, so it was typically the wealthy who used the official mail system.


Postal Vehicle Fires

We have kept a list of postal vehicle fires since 2014. While not all inclusive, this does show the numbers yearly and provides links to fire information.

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